US police-suspect interrogations

Uploaded: 2021-02-08
Languages: English
Collected from: 2020-07-20
Access category: Open
To: 2020-08-31


The dataset is comprised of 25 video-taped police interrogations with suspects, conducted in the US.

Subject keywords: American police-suspect interrogations, Interrogation methods, Reid technique, Spoken communication, Institutional discours
Data types: Spoken - transcript
Funders: N/A
Associated AIFL centres: Forensic Linguistic Databank (FoLD)
License: non-commercial


A total of 25 police interrogations were obtained from a public website, The collected interrogations took place between 2008-2018 and were conducted by the members of local police departments. The corpus includes interrogations with 10 female suspects and 15 male suspect interrogations. The size of the full dataset is 64, 136 words. The first 15 minutes of each interrogation were transcribed, according to Jefferson transcription key. Please see the specific sample characteristics attached, including information about the suspects, number and sex of interrogators, and jurisdiction.

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