Closing arguments in US rape trials

Uploaded: 2023-10-12
Languages: English
Collected from: 2023
Access category: Open
To: 2023


The data consist of closing arguments in four rape trials held in Minnesota. Further cases can be found via the Minnesota Court Records website:

Subject keywords: Closing arguments, Courtroom, Rape, Trial
Data types: Spoken - transcript
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License: CC BY


To anonymise the data, any personally identifying information has been replaced by a generic description of the information (e.g. [victim1] or [defendant3]). Each file contains one closing argument, named based on the case number and whether the closing argument was given by the defence or the prosecution, or whether it was the prosecution's rebuttal. An overview of information for each of the four cases as well as the word count for each file is provided in the spreadsheet uploaded below.

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