US murder trial transcript

Uploaded: 2023-10-11
Languages: English
Collected from: 2023
Access category: Restricted
To: 2023


The dataset includes pdf scans and docx versions of 5 US murder cases from the early 2000s. The documents are quite substantial in size, ranging between 98 and 342 pages of text. An excel file with metadata for all documents is also present as part of the dataset.

Subject keywords: courtroom language, trial transcript, murder trial
Data types: Spoken - transcript
Funders: N/A
Associated AIFL centres: None
License: Non-Commercial Government Licence for public sector information


This dataset includes entire transcripts from 5 murder trials from the early 2000s. The documents are shared in their raw data form of scanned PDFs and MS Word transcriptions with the intention of making it available to researchers. The dataset however still requires transcription and anonymisation of names and dates. Any researcher that would be interested in accessing these data for their project must also agree to (1) anonymise any personal name and information in the documents and (2) share with FoLD the anonymised transcriptions they produce.

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Information: This dataset contains sensitive material or data that come from a third party and have some constraints on access and use. Users who wish to access this dataset must make a detailed application to FoLD and the researcher, as well as potentially gain additional agreement from an external organisation before they can be approved for access.

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