Romance Fraud Messages

Uploaded: 2022-11-17
Languages: English
Collected from: 2022
Access category: Restricted
To: 2022


This dataset includes three sets of romance fraud messages, with a cut-off point being the first request for money. This dataset was collected for a postgraduate dissertation.

Subject keywords: romance fraud, romance scam, fraudsters
Data types: Written
Funders: N/A
Associated AIFL centres: Forensic Linguistic Databank (FoLD)
License: Non-Commercial Government Licence for public sector information


The dataset is comprised of four documents, each varying in length. Scam A has two documents as the scam began on Instagram and then moved to Google Hangouts. Scam B happens via email. Scam C is via WhatsApp messaging. These datasets were collected from a private Facebook group, which the researcher was invited into. A general post was made to ask for volunteers for research. Volunteers then completed ethics forms and sent their data via email. Scam A (Document 1) is 76 pages, 47715 words. Scam A (Document 2) is 24 pages, 9924 words. Scam B is 38 pages, 19808 words. Scam C is 328 pages, 41521 words. Personal information was redacted and instead a relevant descriptive marker took its place. These are indicated by asterisks.

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Information: This dataset contains sensitive material or data that come from a third party and have some constraints on access and use. Users who wish to access this dataset must make a detailed application to FoLD and the researcher, as well as potentially gain additional agreement from an external organisation before they can be approved for access.

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