The Italian Red Brigades statements during the kidnapping of Aldo Moro

Uploaded: 2022-04-20
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A corpus composed of ten statements disclosed by the Italian Red Brigades during the kidnapping of the Italian politician Aldo Moro.

Subject keywords: Red Brigades, Stylometry, Years of Terrorism
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The corpus is composed of ten statements disclosed by the Red Brigades (BR) during the 55 days of kidnapping of the President of Democrazia Cristiana (DC): Aldo Moro. The first statement was disclosed on March 18, 1978, while the last on May 5, 1978. One of these statement (called the 7F statement) is of doubtful attribution, since it shows stylistic features that are completely different respect to those shown by the other statements. The statements were accessed and collected at the following link:

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