Corpus of Contemporary English Legal Decisions, 1950–2021 (CoCELD)

Uploaded: 2022-02-16
Languages: English
Collected from: 2021
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To: 2022


CoCELD is a specialised corpus of legal decisions issued between 1950 and 2021. Decisions constitute a crucial type of document because they set legal precedents, interpret parliamentary law and complement statute law.

Subject keywords: legal linguistics, English law, Corpus linguistics
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Associated AIFL centres: Forensic Linguistic Databank (FoLD)
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CoCELD contains case law produced within the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, more precisely samples of decisions issued in the Privy Council, the House of Lords and the United Kingdom Supreme Court. It is divided in two subcorpora, one for the Privy Council Decisions and another for the House of Lords and the Supreme Court Decisions, and into seven subperiods running from 1950 to 2021. CoCELD is specifically designed to analyse recent changes in the language of judicial decisions which may have been triggered since the emergence of the Plain Language Movement in the 1970s, but it also enables researchers to investigate the language of judicial decisions synchronically and over the past few years. Time of compilation: 2021–2022 Size: 733,227 words Language: English Number of texts/samples: 288 Period: 1950–2021 Related publication: Rodríguez-Puente, Paula and David Hernández-Coalla. 2022. Corpus of Contemporary English Legal Decisions, 1950–2021 (CoCELD). Oviedo: University of Oviedo.

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